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FUT Division Rivals Guide for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

2019-06-27 10:38

As we've just stated, FUT Division Rivals is a spic and span amusement mode inside FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Contend and gain remunerates in this all-new online player mode. Here are five things you should know before playing it:

1.A New Way to Play FUT Online
FUT Division Rivals replaces the old Seasons mode that never exists.

2.10 Skill-Based Divisions
Go up against players of your level in one of 10 ability based divisions.

3.The Competition Refreshes every Week
Much the same as in Squad Battles, each week there is a new beginning.

4.Make Progress on Three Goals at Once
Rank up your week after week remunerates, get elevated to a higher division and fit the bill for the Weekend League.

5.The New Way to Qualify for FUT Champions
FUT Division Rivals replaces the old Daily Knockout Tournaments that never again exist.

To begin playing FUT Division Rivals, go into your Ultimate Team and select Division Rivals in the Online segment. Here's a picture that demonstrates to you where to go.

FUT Division Rivals vs Squad Battles

What is the difference between FUT Division Rivals and Squad Battles

FUT Division Rivals is being known as the new online Squad Battles, in light of the fact that these two have a couple of things in like manner: you don't need to fit the bill for any of these modes; both have a positioning framework that rewards each player in a week by week premise, when the opposition is invigorated; they have comparative formats.

In any case, there are additionally some enormous differenced amongst them, and these will enable you to see how this amusement mode functions. Here are the five most essential ones:

1.Online Mode
This is the most essential one. Squad Battles must be played in a solitary player mode, while Division Rivals must be played on the web.

2.Ulimited Games
On Squad Battles you have 45 matches to play each week. On Division Rivals, you can play the same number of matches as you need. There is no restriction.

3.Different Target
In FUT 17, EA presented FUT Champions and Weekend League, focused diversion modes for the most experienced players. A year ago, they discharged Squad Battles for easygoing players. This time, FUT Division Rivals was intended to be a center ground mode for everybody.

4.Weekend League Qualification
While playing FUT Division Rivals, you likewise win focuses to achieve a Weekend League capability.

5.Opponents from the Same Level
InSquad Battles you're the person who picks a rival and chooses a trouble level. In FUT Division Rivals, the diversions are more adjusted in light of the fact that you'll confront adversaries with an ability rating like yours.
How Does FUT Division Rivals Work?

A FAQ need to know

Since this is a fresh out of the box new diversion mode, it's normal to see numerous individuals with inquiries regarding how it function. To influence the things as basic as could reasonably be expected, here's our FAQ to area:

What number of divisions are there in FUT Division Rivals?

For example, in the previous Seasons mode, there are ten divisions. Division 1 is played by the best players, while division 10 is the place you can locate the less experienced ones.

Do I begin in division 10?

No. The first occasion when you open FUT Division Rivals, you will be requested to play a few matches, all together for the amusement decide your Skill Rating. The division you'll begin your crusade in relies upon the expertise rating you get.

How might I get elevated to a higher division?

Another division might be allocated to you when your week after week crusade closes. You will get advanced or consigned relying upon the amount Skill Rating you procured consistently.

At the point when does another crusade begin?

The opposition invigorates each Monday, at midnight (GMT).

Would i be able to get advanced or consigned more than once in a solitary week?

Amid the week, you will play dependably in a similar division. When the battle closes, you can skip (or fall) a few divisions relying upon the focuses you have acquired.

Do I have to play the situation coordinates each week?

No, equitable on the first occasion when you play FUT Division Rivals. On the next weeks, your division depends only on your Skill Rating.

What number of focuses do I need to persuade keeping in mind the end goal to be advanced?

FUT Division Rivals doesn't work like Seasons. You don't really need to win x recreations to approach the following division or stay in the one you are in. You procure Skill Rating and your division move will come when the new week begins.

How might I win the title of the Division I'm in?

There is no such thing as a tile in FUT Division Rivals.

Would i be able to at present play Seasons on the web?

No, you can't. Seasons on the web and DKT were supplanted by FUT Division Rivals.

Would i be able to at present play Squad Battles?

Truly, Squad Battles are as yet accessible.

How might I show signs of improvement rewards?

Inside every division, you have five positions to cross (Rank I, Rank II, Rank III, Rank IV and Rank V). Like Squad Battles, the higher your rank is toward the week's end, the better your reward will be.

Are rewards influenced by the division I'm in?

Indeed, the higher your rank is, the better your prizes will be. Normally, the higher your division, the better your prizes will be, as well.

How might I improve positions?

For each match you play, your ability rating is expanded however you likewise get Weekly Points. These focuses are utilized to decide your rank inside the Division, and a higher rank means a superior selection of prizes when the opposition closes.

What influences my week by week focuses?

Your rank inside every division is dictated by the week after week focuses. You gain them by playing matches. Much the same as in Squad Battles, your week after week focuses are influenced by the match result and by the ability reward. It will be higher in the event that you win by a few objectives and it will dependably be higher than 0 paying little respect to how gravely you played.

What number of week by week focuses do I require with a specific end goal to achieve the most astounding rank?

The criteria for each rank depends on the aftereffects of the majority of the players who are partaking in the FUT Division Rivals occasion. This implies your rank could always show signs of change during the time since the criteria for each rank alter as the players around the globe are playing. For instance, on the off chance that you played a few matches similarly as the week began, you most likely will rank exceptionally well yet when different players begin playing, you will drop to a lower level. To get a thought of what number of focuses you will require, you can check in-diversion the level of players for each rank.

How would I know what number of focuses do I have?

Toward the finish of each match, a screen with your Division Rivals advance is shown: week by week score, expertise rating and Weekend League focuses.

Will I play against players of indistinguishable division from me?

Indeed. Diverse to what occurred in Seasons, you will dependably play against players of indistinguishable division from you, and in this manner players of a similar level. In case you're in great shape, you will be elevated to a higher division toward the week's end and you will confront more gifted players, having likewise the opportunity to win better rewards.

At the point when are the week by week remunerates conveyed?

The prizes are conveyed each Monday, a couple of minutes after 12 pm (GMT).

Would i be able to win month to month compensates in FUT Division Rivals?

No, you can't. The main rewards in this amusement mode are conveyed week after week.

How great are the prizes?

For the most part, they are more awful than Weekend League compensates however marginally superior to anything Squad Battles ones.

Which prizes would i be able to win?

For each rank, there are distinctive reward alternatives. It's dependent upon you to choose which compensate you're going to take. It very well may be diverse sorts of packs, coins or even FUT Champions qualifier focuses.

Are the prizes dependably the same?

No. The FUT Division Rivals rewards are dynamic and will change on a predictable premise.

What number of amusements would i be able to play seven days?

There is no restriction concerning what number of diversions you can play, for example, in Weekend League or Squad Battles. Play the same number of amusements as you need.

At the point when would i be able to play FUT Division Rivals?

This diversion mode will be accessible since day 1. It tends to be played whenever, seven days seven days.

Would it be able to be played while Weekend League is open?

Truly, WL and Division Rivals can be played in the meantime.

How might I play Division Rivals on the end of the week on the off chance that I have a Weekend League to play?

On the off chance that you are met all requirements for the Weekend League, play it. Its amusements likewise tally to your Rivals advance so you don't need to play both on the end of the week.

What happens on the off chance that I can't play in a specific week?

You won't get any reward for that week however you will remain in a similar division.

I can't locate the Daily Knockout Tournaments. Why?

They were supplanted by FUT Division Rivals. You would now be able to fit the bill for the Weekend League through this new amusement mode.

What do I need to do to meet all requirements for the Weekend League?

For every Division Rivals coordinate you play, you win FUT Champions qualifier focuses. When you achieve 1,200 focuses, you win a token to qualify straightforwardly to the Weekend League.

What do I need to do to fit the bill for the Weekend League?

For every Division Rivals coordinate you play, you win FUT Champions qualifier focuses. When you achieve 1,200 focuses, you win a token to qualify straightforwardly to the Weekend League.

Is FUT Division Rivals the best way to meet all requirements for the Weekend League?

In the earlier years, it was conceivable to achieve the capability by means of three different ways: online division 1, DKT and Weekend League execution. The initial two never again exist. In FIFA 19, you have to achieve 1,200 FUT Champions focuses which can be gathered in both FUT Division Rivals and Weekend League.

What number of wins do I have to get in Weekend League to achieve a programmed capability?

There is certainly not various wins since it is currently come to through FUT Champions focuses. You can stack up the focuses you won in FUT Rivals with the ones you got in the Weekend League to achieve the capability. The unused indicates dependably persist the following week.

Do the Weekend League tokens terminate?

No. You don't need to utilize it in the next Weekend League. You can spare the token to utilize it later. You can keep gathering more focuses regardless of whether you as of now have one token put away.

What number of tokens would i be able to keep for some other time?

Just a single without a moment's delay.

Do I should be in the Division 1 keeping in mind the end goal to meet all requirements for the Weekend League?

No. In earlier years, you should have been in the Seasons division 1 to win the capability. This year, you should simply achieve the 1,200 focuses, regardless of which division you are in. In any case, every division has a multiplier related to it, making it more troublesome for you to sufficiently aggregate focuses in case you're in the lower divisions since they have simpler adversaries.

Is it conceivable to include a companion in FUT Division Rivals?

Truly, it is.

Are FUT Rivals played on a committed server or P2P?

FUT Champions and Division Rivals are played on a devoted server, while FUT Draft matches utilize shared associations.

FUT Division Rivals Progress

How positioning/leaderboards work and more insights about FUT Division Rivals for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

As you definitely know, on FUT Division Rivals you contend and acquire remunerates in the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) online mode. Be that as it may, how would you do it? We will clarify it now.

The primary thing you should know is that, toward the finish of each match, you increment your ability rating, week by week score and Weekend League focuses, every one with an alternate objective.

Expertise RATING

When you begin Division Rivals out of the blue, you'll play an arrangement of position matches to perceive how you measure up against different players. You'll be relegated a Skill Rating in light of your execution in those matches, which decides your Division. The consequence of each match you play in your Division amid the week impacts your Skill Rating; develop a high Skill Rating keeping in mind the end goal to move to a higher Division.


Each week in Division Rivals is an entirely different competition, and you can earn rewards at the end of it. Your weekly score determines your rank within the Division, and a higher rank means a better choice of rewards when the competition ends.


Every win in Division Rivals not only gets you closer to the next Division, but also takes you one step closer to the Weekend League. An overhauled FUT Champions qualification system awards you with points to use for qualification into the Weekend League. When you have earned enough points, you can redeem them to enter the current Weekend League, or hold onto them to use for a future qualification, so you can decide which weekend you want to play in. Re-qualification to the Weekend League also works differently; each Weekend League win also earns you points that can be used to enter into future Weekend Leagues.

FUT Division Rivals Points

How are skill rating, weekly score and FUT Champions points calculated?


Your rank is determined by the total of points you get in a single week. You earn them by playing matches.

Your weekly points, per match, is based off how well you played the game and whether you won it or not. We will show you now, how these points are calculated (to be confirmed):

The Match Complete value depends on how much time you played.

There are only two match results possible on FUT Rivals: you win, and you get 200 points, or you lose, and you get 50 points.

Skill Rewards are the sum of bonuses performance and penalties performance. Player’s good performances are rewarded with weekly points, whilst there will be point deductions for negative performances. In other words, are the sum of the bonuses from scored goals, shots on target, successful tackles, corners, clean sheets, pass accuracy, possession and man of the match and the sum of the penalties by against goals, fouls, cards and offsides according to the following table that shows the number of points awarded/deducted for each performance:

FUT Division Rivals Rewards

What can you win in FIFA 19 Division Rivals?

FUT Division Rivals rewards are released a couple of minutes after the competition closes, upon which the leaderboards. A list of the rewards available can be checked here (not available yet).

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