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Something About Luckiest Packs

2019-03-05 08:17

Welcome to the new feature “Luckiest Packs”!
It’s a different form of opening packs to earn FIFA coins.
To know how it works, please read below content carefully!

Low Cost To Start
To make it easier and affordable for everyone to open, Luckiest Packs usually price at a low-cost price.
When click “Open My Luckiest”, you will be charged with an amount of coins first. Then you can see numbers of covered cards in the middle and certain player cards at the bottom. Every covered card corresponds to the bottom player. When you click one of them (it’s free for the first card), the card will be turn over and the value of it will be count, and the bottom corresponding player will be darkened. Darkened players won’t show up again.

One Click One Player
Like a normal FIFA 19 Pack, there are also numbers of high and low rating players in a Luckiest pack. But unlike the normal pack, you can’t get all the in pack players in one click.
For example, if a luckiest pack contains 8 players, and you want to get all of them, you need to click 8 times, which also means you’ll have 8 chances to win the highest value player. And if you are lucky enough, it’s possible to get the highest value player just at the first click, and it only cost a very low price (That’s why we call it LUCKIEST PACK).

Not Click Not Charge
If you don’t get high-value player and want to have another try, you can continue to click other cards, but coins cost for each click will increase time after time.
If you get the high-value players without clicking 8 times and don’t want to click anymore, the rest covered ones won’t cost you any coins.
If you don’t like the current players, you can click the “Next Round” button on the left. It will cost you amount of FIFA coins first and then you can start a new round.

The above sentences have introduced all about the new feature “LUCKIEST PACKS”, do you all know well about it? In a simple describe is: the luckiest packs provide you chances to win more FIFA coins with less coins cost.
Let’s have a try now, wish you all good luck!

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